Cattery Accommodation in Blackpool & Lytham St Annes

New for 2019 is our state of the art completely refurbished cattery.

Each luxury cat home has both an indoor and covered outdoor area with enough space to accommodate upto a family of 4 cats.

Each indoor area is thermostatically controlled to avoid extreme temperature changes. There are also heated mats for your cat to snuggle up on should they wish to.

Each cat house has a filtered water fountain which provides a constant flow of fresh filtered water. We find that the majority of our cats prefer to drink from running water and with the water fountains they are given the option of still or running water.

There is also a full spectrum light in each indoor cat pen. This mimics natural outdoor light for our guests who choose to stay indoors. This is completely harmless and it helps to regulate circadian rhythm. This is recommended and used by veterinary surgeries throughout the world.

Each indoor unit provide 3 elevated rest areas complete with carpets and vet beds. Vet beds are the veterinary recommended bedding as they prevent any pressure points, keep our guests warm during the cooler months and keeps them cool during the warmer months. They also have the added advantage that should your loved fury have any accidents the top of the vet bed will stay dry, hence keep your cat dry

Each cat house has a large scratch post and plenty of hiding spots and they are packed with toys and games to keep your cat entertained.

There is a window in each indoor pen for your pet to look outside should they wish to.

Each pen is completely separate from their neighbour so cats cant see each other.

Each outdoor area provides our guests with their own personal garden! It is sheltered from both rain and sun, has grass for your cat to walk on, branches, tyres, tunnels and activities for them to climb and explore. There are a selection of toys to play with and a hiding hut for them to rest in if they prefer to be outside. There is constant access to outside via a secure cat flap (this can be closed off at owners request). Each private garden is slightly different so if your cat is a regular guest each visit, whilst they are familiar with the surroundings and staff, they will have different activities each stay, again to help eliminate boredom.

Our cattery has a safety corridor and safety doors for extra security and music is played throughout the day to help provide a home from home feel.

We offer daily enrichment programmes at no extra costs. This can be grooming, one to one playtime or maybe just a cuddle or stroke with our staff. This usually helps our guests settle in very quickly and we usually find that our new guests are usually feeling very at home within the first 24 hours.

All of the walls and floors are completely washable and between each visitor the entire pen is disinfected from top to bottom with DEFRA approved disinfectants. We also spray each pen with veterinary approved flea control.

If your cat arrives with with us and has any hitch hikers and unwelcome guests (fleas), we will isolate your cat for 24 hours and treat your cat accordingly. This is for the safety of not only your own pet but to prevent any spreading of unwanted guests!

We recommend viewing our new cattery. There is no appointment necessary but we do ask that viewings are within our opening hours unless prior arrangement has been made.


Breakfast, lunch (on request) and evening meals are provided for all of our guests. All pets receive a delicious pet treat during the day and again at bedtime. We provide a wide selection of high quality foods for your pet and have both wet food and dry biscuits available. However, should your pet require a special diet please contact us to discuss and we will be happy to help.


Whilst we offer a fully inclusive service you are more than welcome to bring along your cat's own bed and bedding to help them settle with the smells of home. Wherever possible we always recommend using our own bedding to save any issues with possible "lost property" during washing.






Medical Conditions

Pets on medication are welcome to stay with us. No extra charge is made for this service. If you pet does require medication during their stay with us, Please ensure complete instructions and the correct quantities of medication are passed to us on arrival.

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