Kennels & Cattery vaccine advice - Plus more

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All pets should be vaccinated prior to boarding. If you have lost your vaccination certificate and are unable to get a copy in time don't panic. All we ask is that you contact your regular vet and give authority for us to speak to them regarding your pet's vaccinations.

Does my dog and/or cat have to be vaccinated prior to boarding?

Yes, dogs should be up to date with their annual boosters. If you are unsure whether your dog is covered, please contact your vet who will be able to advise you. Cats should be vaccinate against influenza and feline enteritis prior to boarding and must be up to date with their annual booster.

For further information regarding vaccinations please speak to your veterinary surgeon or visit Please ensure you bring along your pet's vaccination certificate.

Kennel cough vaccine - should I protect my dog against kennel cough?

Yes, this vaccination is now compulsory, we highly recommend your dog is vaccinated at least two weeks prior to boarding. Kennel cough or bordetella bronchiseptica is highly contagious and is passed from dog to dog via airborne droplets.

Dogs are at risk wherever there are a large number in the same environment, for example, boarding kennels, shows, in the park, on the beach and training classes. For further information on kennel cough please speak to your veterinary surgeon or visit

How much notice do you need for me to board my pet?

Our advice is to book your space as soon as you have the dates you are planning to go away. The majority of our custom are returning customers so we are extremely busy during peak times such as school holidays. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Do you require a deposit to secure my booking?

No, we do not require payment to hold the pen for you. Boarding fees are payable either on the collection or drop off date. Should you no longer require your reserved space, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can release the pen to other customers who are waiting for a space.

Do I need to bring anything along for my pet whilst they are staying with you?

You can bring along anything you feel will make your pet's stay with us more enjoyable. For example, bedding and toys. However we do provide everything for you if you would prefer.

My dog and/or cat receive regular medication, would you be able to administer this whilst boarding?

Yes, we are able to care for most pets with a medical requirement at no extra cost. However, please contact us prior to boarding to make us aware of the condition and what treatment is being administered. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure correct instructions and the correct quantity of medication is passed to us on arrival. You will be asked to sign a consent form on arrival.

What happens should my pet is taken ill during its stay with you?

We always request that you leave us a contact number in the event of any emergency involving your pet's welfare. In the extremely rare case of an emergency arising we can take one of two actions. In the first instance if your pet is registered with a local veterinary surgeon we will notify them of the incident, alternatively we will contact our own 24 hour on call veterinary surgery. We have two certified animal first aid practitioners on site 24 hours a day should an emergency situation arise.

My pet has never been in kennels/cattery before will he be ok?

Our advice to anyone who has a pet who is not familiar with boarding in kennels/cattery is to do a trial run with us during the daytime. This will give your pet chance to get to know us and familiarise itself with the surroundings and routine. During this time we can asses how well your pet settles and give you feedback. In some animals we then recommend a second visit which includes an overnight stay. This is usually enough to settle most pets ready for a longer stay with us. We will always keep an extra close eye on new boarders to ensure that they are as settled as possible.

Should I flea & worm treat my pet before arrival?

Yes we always advise that you flea and worm treat your pet with treatment from your vet the week before they stay with us. Whilst this is not compulsory it is strongly advised for both the protection of your pet and other guests that are staying with us.

Our objective is to make your pet's stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.