Kennels Accommodation in Blackpool & Lytham St Annes

We have a variety of different kennels accommodation available to all dogs from small to giant breeds. Family pens can be reserved on request - for upto 6 dogs.

Our accommodation consists of:

  • Indoor area with raised beds and vet fleeces to provide a cozy night's sleep
  • Individual covered outdoor area available to your pet throughout the day for exercise
  • The kennels are fully central heated.
  • Music is played throughout the day to make your pet's stay as homely as possible.

Family Kennel

  • New for 2020 we now have brand new luxury family kennels which can comfortably accommodate upto 6 dogs from the same family.
  • Each kennel has both a very large indoor area along with access to a secure outdoor play area.
  • The kennels have central thermostatically controlled heating along with underfloor heating to help regulate the temperature. They also boast air conditioning for the warmer weather.
  • Each kennel has off the floor beds and vet quality fleece bedding.
  • As with all of our boarders food, bedding and walks are included in the price.
  • These kennels need to be reserved on request as they are very popular and fill up quickly.


Individual walks are provided in the idyllic countryside surrounding away from and traffic. All pets will remain on leads for safety purposes and all dogs are walked on a one dog per handler basis to prevent any issues with conflict between dogs. Our exercise space on the premises allows your pet supervised playtime throughout the day. Again, only dogs from the same family will ever be allowed to exercise together. Our aim is to keep them safely out of the kennel area as much as possible. we have a selection of quality toys for you to enjoy but you are welcome to bring along their favourite play items from home as well.


Whilst we offer a fully inclusive service you are more than welcome to bring along your dog's own bed or bedding to help them settle with the smells of home. However, wherever possible we always recommend using our own bedding to avoid any "lost property" issues during washing of the bedding.

Meal Times

Breakfast, lunch (on request) and evening meals are provided for all of our guests. All pets receive a delicious pet treat during the day and again at bedtime. We provide a wide selection of high quality foods for your pet and have both wet food and dry biscuits available. However, should your pet require a special diet please call us to discuss and we will be happy to help.

Medical Conditions

Pets on medication are welcome to stay with us. No extra charge is made for this service. If your pet does require medication during their stay with us, Please ensure complete instructions and the correct quantities of medication are passed to us on arrival.

We have a separate isolation area so in the unlikely event that a dog should become sick it can be safely isolated to avoid cross infection.

Disease Control

All kennel and exercise areas are cleaned twice daily with DEFRA approved disinfectant.

Each kennel, bed and bedding is cleaned after each animal vacates, also with DEFRA approved disinfectant.

Free Trial Introduction Boarding

Still not sure about leaving your fur baby? Worried how they will settle in kennel? Then why not use our free introductory day boarding option. Here you can bring your pet to us in the morning and collect them in the evening. During this time we will offer your pet meals, walks, access to enrichment, cuddles etc.

We will provide one to one attention where we will monitor and assess how your pet has settled in with us. If we feel they need to return for another session we will advise this or maybe bring them for a one night stay? The advantage of this is should you be thinking of leaving them with us for a week or more, if your pet has already spent time with us then they will know that you will be returning to collect them and their surroundings will already be familiar. We are as honest as we can be as we don’t want you to leave a stressed pet with us anymore than you want to leave your baby stressed.