Boarding kennels and cattery facilities in Blackpool

Our Opening Times

Monday - Sunday

09.30 am - 12.00 pm

05.00 pm - 07.00pm

Please note, our opening times are subject to change over Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays.

We are happy to take or return your pet outside of these times but this must be made by prior arrangement or an additional £25 large will be added.

Viewing Times

You are more than welcome to come and view both the kennels and cattery without prior arrangement.

We do however ask that viewings are between 10.00am-12.00pm as beforehand is our cleaning, feeding and walking times and we try to wait until the animals are settled afterwards to prevent any unnecessary upset to their daily routines. Should a viewing be necessary outside of these times we do ask that you contact us first to make arrangements.

Ideally we also request that viewings are during weekdays and avoiding public holidays as these are generally our busiest times.

kennels and cattery facilities in Blackpool

Our Rates


We offer highly competitive rates.

Kennel Prices

  • £20.50 for one dog (£ 20.50 per dog)
  • £36.00 for 2 dogs (£ 18.00 per dog)
  • £48.50 for 3 dogs (£ 16.16 per dog)
  • £56.50 for 4 dogs (£ 14.12 per dog)

These prices are based on dogs sharing a kennel.

Should you require multiple kennels we can also offer a discount. Please feel free to call us for a quote.

Our prices are charged from the first day and if you collect your dog before midday on the last day you will not be charged for that day.

Family kennel Prices

  • £45.00 for 2 dogs (£ 22.50 per dog)
  • £52.50 for 3 dogs (£ 26.25 per dog)
  • £63.00 for 4 dogs (£ 15.75 per dog)
  • £71.50 for 5 dogs (£ 14.30 per dog)
  • £81.00 for 6 dogs (£ 13.50 per dog)

These prices are based on dogs from the same family sharing a family kennel. These kennels are very popular and book up quickly so early reservation is advised.

Day Boarding

Moving house? Having Visitors? Day Trip? We are happy to look after your pet for the day (this does not include overnight stay). During this time they will receive meals and all bedding and walks are included in the price.

  • £20.00 for one dog
  • £30.00 for 2 dogs
  • Then £25 per additional dog sharing a kennel

Night Boarding

Bought your pet on holiday and find out that your accommodation doesn't allow pets? We can look after your pet through the night so you can sleep well knowing that your pet is in the best of hands. Please call and speak to us if you wish to arrange this.


The cattery prices work on the same principle as the kennels with the prices as follows.

  • £11.50 for one cat (£ 11.50 per cat)
  • £20.00 for 2 cats (£ 10.00 per cat)
  • £25.50 for 3 cats (£ 8.50 per cat)
  • £31.50 for 4 cats (£ 7.87 per cat)

Other Animals

We also offer a small animal boarding service. We are happy to care for a wide variety of species from rodents to exotics. Please call us for more details and prices if your animal isn't listed.

  • £5.50 per day Small Birds
  • £7.50 per day Parrots
  • £8.00 per day Rabbits
  • £7.00 per day Guinea Pig
  • £5.00 per day Tortoise

Transport Charges

With prices as follows

  • FY1 £25.00
  • FY2 £31.00
  • FY3 £25.00
  • FY4 £22.50
  • FY5 £44.00
  • FY6 £26.00
  • FY7 £52.50
  • FY8 £26.50

Please call for a quote for all other transport services.

It comes with a very heavy heart that yet again we have to do a slight price increase. Unfortunately due to energy rate increase and minimum wage to maintain our high level of care we are left with no choice, but we have been as economical as we possibly can.

Any bookings made prior to 1st April 2022 will be honoured at the previous prices. The new prices take effect from 1st April 2022.